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website development

Website designing should be implemented professionally. Otherwise, the expectation to be successful at later stages is far-fetched. Given that the competition between different websites is increasing every day and services and facilities that offer is more diverse and more perfect every day, the websites that were designed and managed professionally will be able to succeed in his path. Gilace is a software company that began his professional activity in the field of website designing and web developing since 2009.

The most important specifications of Gilace websites:

* Attractive and acceptable graphic design in web designing
* Providing the highest possible speed of website loading (Documentary in getmetrix and alexa)
* Fast and easy navigation in website
* Exclusive and responsive design that is applicable to all computers, tablets, mobile, television and all other Internet-connected media (responsive design, mobile view UI / UX)
* Compatible with phones and tablets with Android 4.4 and newer versions
* Compatible with all browsers (chrome, safari, firefox, edge)
* Ability to get all web pages in search engines
* Applying of web design standards in all system components
* Provide all the basic and important features for SEO of Website
* Free technical support for 1 year
* Lifetime troubleshooting
* Free administration panel with standard features
* First page preview (as an image file) in view of a laptop, tablet and mobile phone

Technologies used in Gilace websites:

* Less
* Javascript
* Java
* Mysql Database
* Applying of database normalization
* Multi-layer architecture system
* Implementation and coding of system based on object-oriented methods
* Laravel framework
* MVC and MVVM architectures
* The use of GIT to manage and control  of version

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